Clever use of disposable paper cups

Paper cups are now a common item in our lives, and paper cups provide us with a lot of convenience, especially when looking for a small quilt, we can take out a paper cup to entertain guests. However, the common use of paper cups has also brought some impact or environmental pollution to our living environment, because paper cups are usually used after one time and are not used continuously. We feel that if used again, there will be many bacteria, so after including Ordinary families or some restaurants have thrown away big bags. Nowadays, we are advocating the ecological environment, so in order to better the living environment, in fact, paper cups have many uses.
For example: make a pen holder, use it to raise some grass flowers, make toys, install some needle thread, put toothbrush and toothpaste, make decorations, make flower baskets, etc.
As long as we observe things around us, we will find that many things can be used again. I hope that everyone has a good environmental awareness and let us live on a green earth.
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