Environmentally friendly tableware overview

         The environmentally-friendly tableware is harmless to the human body, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to degrade, and has no pollution during the production, use and destruction process. The product quality is in full compliance with the national food hygiene requirements. After the product is used up, it is easy to recycle, easy to dispose or easy to eliminate. Food containers with characteristics such as nano. Environmentally friendly tableware does not mean degrading tableware, and degrading tableware is only one type of environmentally friendly tableware.

       Environmental protection tableware true and false identification
       1. Counterfeit and environmentally-friendly plastic tableware - hand touch soft, tearing and rupturing, pungent and blinking, hot and easy to leak;
       2. Counterfeit pulp tableware - poor strength, deep color, serious oil seepage phenomenon;
       3. There is no factory name, no trademark, no production date on the packing box and lunch box;
       4. Counterfeit tableware is heavier than qualified products, and it is easy to sink after being shredded and placed in water (the proportion of qualified products is less than 1 and will not sink);
       5. The price is cheap, such as the price of ordinary fake corn starch cutlery set is lower than the supermarket price.
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