Pulp paper tray its characteristics and classification

Pulp paper tray its characteristics and classification
Molded pulp tray, also known as pulp molding, is made from Kraft Pulp, Newspaper, Virgin Pulp, etc., and is pulped and blended to a certain concentration. The slurry is formed into a variety of environmentally-friendly paper products of different kinds and uses according to the product design, customized CNC tooling, vacuum forming process, and drying.

It has good anti-shock, anti-shock, anti-static, anti-corrosion effect, and has no pollution to the environment, and is more conducive to the export of manufacturers' products. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mechanical parts, industrial instruments, handicraft glass, ceramics. Packaging in industries such as toys and pharmaceuticals.

Paper trays can be divided into four categories: Industrial Paper, Farm, Food, and Medical.

1.Industrial paper tray
Mainly used in the lining packaging of large and small household appliances, mechanical parts, electronic products, lighting.

2. Agricultural paper tray
The main application of fruit, eggs, agricultural nutrition.

3. Food paper tray
Mainly used in food bowls, pots, supermarket food trays.

4. Medical paper tray
Mainly used in hospitals, disposable medical products on the front line of the battlefield, such as paper urinals, paper pots, etc. Relative plastic, stainless steel supplies, its one-time disintegration into paper fiber discharge into the hospital sewage system, can absolutely avoid cross-bacteria pollution.

The above is only a comparison of some performances. In fact, paper tray packaging has many advantages compared with foam packaging. With the global environmental awareness, large-scale replacement of foam packaging is an inevitable trend.
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