What are the characteristics of disposable sugarcane pulp green meal?

Pulp tableware is called environmental protection tableware because of its advantages of non-toxic, easy to recycle, recyclable, and degradable compostable. Disposable sugarcane pulp environmental protection tableware belongs to green environmental protection products. The material used—bagasse is harmless to the human body, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to degrade, no pollution during production, use and destruction. The product quality is in full compliance with international food hygiene requirements. After the end, it is easy to recycle, easy to dispose of or easy to consume. At present, international environmental protection organizations are pushing such environmentally-friendly pulp and bagasse tableware for everyone to use, and some areas in developed areas are promoted. The color tableware is also loved by everyone. Recently, the hot burger cake box on the INS, the pulp burger cake box is one of the best changes in everyone's lifestyle. Ins degradable cake lunch box 。It is recommended to use the environmentally friendly bagasse tableware burger ins.
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