More than 300 food and beverage convenience stores in Shanghai, China have used degradable environmentally friendly lunch boxes

What kind of packaging materials do you care about for your takeaway? Are you willing to pay more for an environmentally friendly degradable lunch box? In order to further promote the catering industry and the supply of hot food convenience stores using degradable and environmentally friendly lunch boxes, the city currently uses more than 300 catering enterprises and hot food convenience stores that meet the requirements of group standards for degradable environmentally friendly lunch boxes. At present, the environmentally friendly lunch boxes of pulp are used in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. The environmental awareness in the Chinese market is increasing. The environmentally-friendly degradable pulp bagasse tableware box is being promoted by many hotels. In early 2019, INS pulp environmentally friendly burger box net red products It also brought a lot of traffic, which brought good benefits to the promotion of sugarcane bag. The world is raising awareness of environmental protection. The people in the lunch box industry are also working hard on the environmentally-friendly degradable lunch box market. Our pulp and lunch box manufacturers are striving to promote new products!
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