Kraft Paper To Go Cups


12 oz Freezer Containers And Lids - Kraft Paper To Go Cups - Durable Heavy Duty Ice Cream Containers! Non-vented Lids Prevent Freezer Burn! Fast Shipping - Frozen Dessert Supplies

✔✔ AMAZING QUALITY: Comes In A Package Of 25 Lids And 25 Cups. These Ice Cream Cartons are Made From High Quality FDA Approved Brown Kraft Paper Material and Are What The Big Ice Cream Companies Use to Store Their Delicious Ice Cream To Help Prevent Freezer Burn. Lucky For You, You Don't Have to Leave The Comfort Of Your Home To Get These!
✔✔ SO MANY USES: Perfect For Freezer Storing Frozen Desserts, Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Cereal, Yogurt, Cake, Pie, or Any Food You Desire. *For Hot Foods & Soups See Note In Description*
✔✔ PERFECT FOR YOUR PARTY: These Gorgeous Paper Cups Are Exactly What You to Store Food For Your Next Birthday Party, Wedding, Holiday Celebration, Church Activity, Family Get Together, Or any Other Event.
✔✔ EXTREMELY DURABLE: Our Kraft Food Storage Containers are Very Thick and Sturdy to Enable You to Store Food in the Freezer for Long Periods of Time Without Risk of Freezer Burn.
✔✔ WE HAVE THE SIZE FOR YOU: These Amazing Cups are 12 oz Which is the Perfect Size for Storing Your Favorite Ice Cream or Soup. The Top Rim is 4 Inches In Diameter, Bottom is 3 Inches In Diameter and the Cup is 2.75 Inches Tall.

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